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Design and optimization of  sections for generator base

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

this is a analysis project done using ansys software,it is a mechanical project

Project Objective

Objective was to analyze and optimize the base frame for a diesel generator.

The base frame was designed for generator weighing 1500 kg

Target is optimization of structure by reducing cost, weight by analyzing different cross- sections with different materials.

Generator Specifications

  1. Power rating : 50 kVA

  2. Weight : 1500 kg

  3. Section of base frame : I- section

  4. Material :Structural Steel

  5. Area :1779 mm²

  6. Weight of frame :174.56 kg

  7. Frequency : 50 Hz

CAD model

analysis of actual base frame

converted into c section

converted into rectangular hollow section by increasing second movement of area

instead of using metal we go with the plastics and select the pps for reducing the cost

converted into hollow rectangular section of pps by increasing second moment of area to provide maximum strength

By using different sections we reduced cost of base frame


By using various sections we reduced second moment of area

After comparing all the results we came to the conclusion that standard structural steel I- section of the base frame of generator can be replaced by hollow rectangular PPS structure with reduction in weight by 60 kg and cost by 1315 Rs

Future Scope:

We studied the stress, deformation and modal analysis of the structure for PPS material, but as it is a type of plastic, further study should be done about its durability, life and properties during changing environmental conditions.

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