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how to design a product ?

Updated: May 28, 2020

it is a product design project.our team develop a product regarding gardening tool this project is all about the step by step product design

step.1 finding problems related to gardening tools

Survey On Problem Related To Gardening Tool Faced By Gardeners from the survey we find out some problems

1.Difficulty While Collecting Green wastage :

2. Water Drainage

3.More Effort Required During Digging

4.Difficult To Clean Waste From Some Plants

5.Soil Removal Through Hands After Digging

6.Rapid Rusting Of tools

7.Rapid Sharpening of tools

8.Back Pain While Using Short Broomstick

9.Formation of algae

10.No Shifting Equipment

11. Over watering problems

12.Inadequate Soil Formation

13.Trimming Of Thorns Of Plants

14. Cleaning Of hazardous waste

15. Pest Problems

16.Seedlings Wilt and Fall Over/Young Plants Die

17. Leaves are Curled or Scrunched Together

Step.2 find one major problem and work on to resolve it

After finding all the problems we select one major problem that is more effort required to digging and remove soil from digging hole we focused on reduce the effort f To Design A Tool Which Reduces Effort Required For Digging.


  • To minimize efforts required during digging

  • To overcome problem regarding to removal of soil by hands

  • To provide ergonomic comfort to customer .

  • To made easy cultivation

To Design A Tool Which Reduces Effort Required For Digging.


Target customer: Nurseries and gardeners

List of Requirement/Specification:

Step.3 Market study

Digging tools available in market :

Step.5 Ideation

Final Selection

Step.6 developing product


Journey of manufacturing

Visited blacksmiths, fabricators in pune :-

  • Bhairav Works (Datta nagar)

  • Laxmi fabrications (Datta nagar).

  • Akaram Fabrication (Navale bridge).

  • S.K Fabrication and Works.(Ramkrishna Chowk) - Finalised Fabricator

Fabrication work

Formation of teeth

Welding of teethes on digging perimeter

bending of handle

Complete fabrication work

Step.7 product testing


Conventional method:

  • Tool used : kudal and favda.

  • Time required: 5 to 6 min.

  • Removal of soil: By hand.

  • Efforts required: More.

Our Digging Tool

  • Time required : 40sec

  • Effort required : less

  • Reaction of gardener : product is awesome

  • Hole Created By Tool 30cm ↆ 1.2ft.

customer reviews

  • Both customers are happy with our product and also give small suggestions regarding to tool.

  • Motivate us to make some other products which may helpful to gardening.

  • Finally they are happy about our product.



This tool is very efficiently designed and can be proved as a better replacement for the conventional models used by the gardeners , keeping in the mind the factors such as safety, cost and performance.

Future Scope

In future Using “ Ergonomics aspects and Aesthetic aspects in digging tool ” and also used some mechanism for minimizing human efforts and increase portability.

our team

for any query please contact us on following details-





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